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Thank you for choosing HP Printers! Register for your gift redemption now! You can also get our latest promotion at this site!

Registration and Redemption Procedure

1. Choose you gift redemption form from the promotion list below and fill in the entire required information, then, click “Submit” to send the form.
2. A confirmation page with all information entered will be shown on your browser with a unique reference number. The same information will be send to your email address provided earlier.
3. Please print out the Registration Confirmation for redemption use.
4. HP will contact you by email within 14 workings days to update the redemption status.
5. When you receive the Redemption Confirmation, please bring along the Registration Confirmation page printed out before, and, the required supporting documents, e.g. invoice copy of the printer purchased, original barcode. Please check with the below table on the required supporting documents.


During registration, you will be required to enter the serial number (a ten-digit, alpha-numeric number which is unique to each product). You can look for the serial number on the sticker located on the back of the printer. You can also look for that on the barcode located on the printer packaging box.

Learn more on locating the Serial Number

Model Supporting documents Claims
LaserJet P1102 Invoice copy, printer barcode, confirmation page Supermarket coupon ›
LaserJet P1102w Invoice copy, printer barcode, confirmation page Supermarket coupon ›
LaserJet M1536dnf Invoice copy, printer barcode, confirmation page Supermarket coupon ›
LaserJet M1132 Invoice copy, printer barcode, confirmation page Supermarket coupon ›

*HP Supplies Authorized Reseller (In random order)

Chain Store :
Broadway Photo Suppy Ltd. / Fortress / Fotomax / Joint Publishing (HK) Co. Ltd. / Popular Book Co. Ltd. / The Commercial Press (HK) Ltd / Gome Electrical Appliances Holdings Limited

Computer Store :
B-Tech Systems Limited / Chung Nam Stationery & Gift Company / City Computer Centre Limited / Computer Gallery Ltd. / Foresoon Computer Accessories Ltd. / Gateway Computer Supplies Ltd / Golden Computer Accessories / Golden World Computer Company / Hang Tat Computronics Co. / Honest Technology Co. / Linco Computer Systems Limited / Manic International Trading Co Ltd / Masterlink Computers Co. Ltd / Ming Yan Stationery Company / Mr. Computer (HK) Ltd / One Stop Shop / Tokyo Computer Accessories / R & R Enterprise Ltd. / Richgem Agents Ltd / Shing Shun Electronics Co. / Supersonic Computer Engineering Company / Top Grade Computer Products / Tritech Computer Engineering Company / Tung Fong Stationery Company / B & A Office Consumables Company Limited / Che San Stationery Co. Ltd. / Fair System Office Supplies / Garret Stationery Supplies & Printing Co. / Hong Kong Office Supplies Wholesaler / Iat Lei Stationery Limited / Lantech System Company / New Idea Office Supplies / Spools & Co. Ltd / Stationery Supplies Centre / Ultra Business Supplies Co. / Wai Hon Business Appliance Co. / Wellent System Consultants Ltd / (HK) Ltd. / Digital System (HK) Ltd. / Fai Wong Computer/ Gold Glory Int'l Development Ltd. / Lai Sun Stationery Company / Lyreco (Hong Kong) Company Ltd. / Pacific Office Supplies Co. / Sky Office Supplies / Tech Easy Company / Tech Zone / Unitech Office Supplies Co. / Limited / Winner Concept International Ltd / Amelia's Shop Limited / Centralfield Computer Ltd / 2C Company Limited / 8 Century Computer Company Limited / Ltd. / Dragon Computer Electronics Co. / E & B Wholesale Company / Fai Wong computer Limited / Fun Top Electronics Co Ltd / Jardine OneSolution (HK) Ltd / Jet Technology Computer / Microware Limited / Nu-Place Company / Sinoview Systems (HK) Ltd. / Standard System Company / Tung's Computer Technology Company / Universal Electronics (HK) Limited / Wellway Electronics Company

Terms and Conditions

1. The online redemption process is effective on June 1, 2009.
2. All gift redemption of HP printers must go through the online redemption process. HP reserves the right to reject all cases without registration.
3. Every registration only applies for one single unit of purchase. If customer purchased 2 printers in one time, with one invoice, customer need to register 2 times, with 2 separate reference number.
4. Customer please pay attention to the required supporting documents. Different promotions may varies.
5. Customer brings along the required supporting documents to HP Redemption Centers for redemption. No redemption will be made without proper documents.
  General supporting document:
  (i) Invoice Copy showing the purchase of Printer / Ink / Toner;
  (ii) The original Barcode from the printer package box
  invoice copy
  (iii)the original inside flap of the packing box
  original barcode from the printer package
  (iv) the original packing box of ink cartridge
  the original packing box of ink cartridge
  (v) HP LaserJet P1006: How to print Self Test/Configuration page.


Before printingSelf Test page, please install the printer driver, turn on the printer and connect the printer to your computer correctly.

To print Self Test page

Please follow the following steps, to print outSelf Test/ Configuration page:
  1. Follow to click "Start" →" Control Panel" → "Printers" . As shown in Figure 1:
  Figure 1: "Printers"
  Figure 1:
  2. From the pop-up window "Printers", right-click "HP LaserJet P1006" as shown, then select "Printing Preferences". As shown in Figure 2:
  Figure 2: "Printing Preferences"
  Figure 2:
  3. From the pop-up window "Printing Preferences", Click the tab "Services". Then under "Print Information Page", click the drop down menu and select "Config page". As shown in Figure 3:
  Figure 3: The tab "Services"
  Figure 3: The tab
  4. After that, click the "Print" button, to print Self Test/ Configuration page. As shown in Figure 4:
  Figure 4: the "Print" button
  Figure 4: the
  5. Printer will then print out a page as show in figure 5.
  Figure 5: Self Test page
  Figure 5: Self Test page
  6. All printers must be purchased within the promotion period (based on the invoice date).
  7. Late registration and late redemption will not be entertained.
  8. When the gift is ready, HP will inform the customer by sending a “Redemption Confirmation” email. Please bring along the supporting documents to the HP Redemption center for redemption.
  9. HP reserves the right to change or cancel the offer without any prior notice. Should any disputes arise, the decision of HP shall be final.

Redemption center

A) Room 102, 1/F., Shun Hei Causeway Bay Centre, 492 Lockhart Road, Causeway Bay
(Causeway Bay MTR station Exit C; Tel: 2385 7311)

Monday-Saturday 11:30am - 7:45pm (In service in lunch period)
Sunday, Public Holidays & Dec 31 closed

B) Room B, 2/F., Po On Commercial Building, 198 Nathan Road, Kowloon
(Jordan MTR station Exit D; Tel: 2385 7311)

Monday-Saturday 11:30am - 7:45pm (In service in lunch period)
Sunday 2:00pm - 6:00pm
Public Holidays & Dec 31 closed

Note: All Centres will be closed on 1 July, 30 Sep, 24 & 31 Dec, 2012. And closed at 5:00pm on 22 Dec, 2012.

For enquiries, please contact