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The HP Photo Editor is a small and simple program that makes it easy to insert photos and images into Microsoft Word documents. A free download, the HP Photo Editor is the ideal companion for the Word templates available on this site.

How does it work?

To simplify the positioning of pictures, a pre-defined image placeholder or "frame" has been inserted into the document. With the HP Photo Editor installed, you can simply double-click the frame to insert your picture, as shown below:

Photo editor
Before: Document with frames After: Document with images

Installing the photo editor

The HP Photo Editor can be downloaded in about 5 minutes with a dialup connection or less than a minute with broadband. To install the HP Photo Editor, follow these steps:
  1. Click Download HP photo editor to start the download.
  2. Select to save it on your computer.
  3. When the download is complete, double click the program to run the setup.
  4. A wizard will guide you through the installation.

Working with templates containing photo frames

After you open a template containing a photo frame, a security warning may appear. Simply put a check in the box "Always trust macros from this source" then click the "Enable Macros" button so the template works correctly.

Then, when you want to insert a photo, just double click one of the yellow photo frames. This will display a dialog that lets you select an image file, as shown below:

Import picture form...

Once you've selected a file in BMP or JPG format, the editor opens with the image you've selected, as shown below:

HP Photo Editor
While the HP Photo Editor provides many features to adjust the image, you'll usually just click the button labeled "Enlarge to fit frame," then click OK.

Enlarge to fit frame

That's it! The image you selected is inserted into your document in exactly the place where the frame was located. If you want to make subsequent changes, simply double click the image in the Word document and the HP Photo Editor will open up again.

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