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Get in touch with fun.
An all-new interface to experience personalised touch and amazing apps.
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HP TouchSmart 4.0 Software

All-in-One Design

Move to the beat

Easy navigation
Move applications and content around freely. So easy even the kids will love it.

Speedy and powerful

Speedy and powerful
Get all-in-one efficiency and speed with an AMD Athlon™ processor.

Snapshots of life

Quick, easy access
Scroll through applications on the carousel task bar for quick launch and play.

Fits in small spaces

Fits in small spaces
Small in size to fit everywhere in your home comfortably.

Nifty Smartlets

Nifty Magnets
Post lists and favourite photos on your own free-form canvas.

Reduce the clutter

Reduce the clutter
An all-in-one design enables a clutter-free work area to deliver greater productivity.

Galore of apps

Galore of apps
Explore the many applications, from games to educational, for endless fun.


Equipped for performance

Superior clarity

Superior clarity
Stunning 20” diagonal widescreen display for all kinds of family activities.

Earth-friendly design

Earth-friendly design
ENERGY STAR® compliant to ensure greater energy efficiency while you work.



HP TouchSmart310 PC (New)

HP touchsmart310 Desktop PC HP touchsmart310 Desktop PC HP touchsmart310 Desktop PC HP touchsmart310 Desktop PC
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