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Transform hard copy faxes into soft copy for security  
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Improve fax-handling efficiency and response time, generate savings by reducing incoming fax printouts by routing such faxes from the MFP to predefined email addresses or an FTP.
Realise efficient fax-handling
Reduce paper usage entirely in your organisation can be a challenge. EZFax2EMail by EPSoft will help your business to achieve a reduction of printing of incoming fax by transforming incoming faxes into electronic data. The solution forwards incoming faxes from a multifunction printer (MFP) to predefined e-mail addresses in just one step.
Receive faxes wherever you are
For mobile business executives, EZFax2EMail will keep you up-to-date on fax messages through e-mail on an Internet-enabled mobile communications device:
Remote fax machine and MFP's numbers, IP addresses, printer name, time and date of the fax are captured in the e-mail message
An administrative e-mail account can be configured to monitor faxes received from a predefined fax number
EZFax2Email enhances organisational efficiency through:
Direct installation on HP MFP without the need for a separate platform
Easy configuration on HP MFP's Embedded Web Server
Logging fax details
Redirecting incoming faxes to FTP or an e-mail server

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