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Enhance and streamline your day-to-day operations
Improve Workflow Help your business succeed by incorporating ways to simplify and improve the flow of information to help accelerate your business.  
Be positioned for success when the market recovers. HP's portfolio of imaging and printing solutions within the Improve Workflow pillar help businesses improve paper-intensive document workflows, which can both accelerate business results and reduce environmental impact.
Increase customer response time and reduce costs
Increase customer response time and reduce costs  
HP Exstream: Deliver customised communications up to 85% faster, as much as triple customer response, and slash document processing costs up to 80%*

Your business can innovate with HP solutions for better results and longer-term growth when the market recovers. HP Exstream customers report 80% in cost reduction, go from design to delivery of fully customised communications as much as 85% faster, and higher customer response rates by as much as triple*.

HP Exstream enables users to design, create, and distribute customised content specific to customers or products. Your business can improve customer experience with clearer, relevant communications delivered throughout preferred channels.

» Simplify your business with HP Exstream Enterprise document automation

To learn more about HP Exstream, please go to

* Based on post-implementation results confirmed by customers that have deployed HP Exstream.
Improved document management
Improve document management  
Reduce printed pages by up to 70%* with HP Output Management Solution

To ensure reliable enterprise information delivery, HP Output Management Solution will securely manage your documents and despatch them to multiple destinations.

» Read how HP Output Management Solution can help your business

* Alinean, Inc., "HP Output Management: The value of guaranteed output delivery", April 2007 and internal customer case HP customer-provided data.
Digitally green alternatives to reduce environmental impact
Digitally green alternatives to reduce environmental impact   Many document-based practices are slow, resource intensive and wasteful. By digitally capturing and delivering documents, businesses can streamline their workflow and save paper costs while reducing impact of print on the environment.

» Find out how your business can go green to drive cost savings
Enhance security and compliance
Enhance security and compliance   As your business becomes increasingly networked and electronically-orientated, there is a growing demand to meet the anytime, anywhere secure printing and document management requirements of your business.

In addition, HP's security and compliance solutions offer a variety of printing and document management solutions that incorporate security features to protect documents from unauthorised modification and reproduction, ensure recipient and sender authenticity and protect your business against fraud.

» Find out more on TrustSeal by Trustcopy watermark solution for increased document protection

» See how TrustDelivery by Trustcopy ensures the integrity of your documents even before they are printed
Make business processes more efficient
Make business processes more efficient   Automating manual document processes and integrating them into new and existing workflows increases your business productivity and reduces costs. HP document capture solutions provide a simple, flexible and reliable way to accelerate and optimise your workflows, reduce your internal cost and address regulatory compliance.

An important functionality that HP document capture solutions can offer is the ability to convert pre-printed, multi-part forms or traditional paper-based documents into graphics-rich documents which can be stored and distributed electronically, and printed on-demand.

» Read how HP Document Capture solutions can improve your business efficiency

» Read how HP Forms Automation Solutions can help your business save cost

» NEW – Automate the entire value chain of invoice processing with HP Automated Invoice Processing Solution for Manufacturing. [Updated on 17/11/08]

» Learn how HP Account Opening Solution can improve your business workflow

» Watch the HP Account Opening Solution flash demo

HP Imaging and Printing Solutions for Government identify innovative ways to transform your printing and imaging assets.

» Read how HP Imaging and Printing Solutions work for Government

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