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Go Green To Cut Costs
By updating your fleet with the latest HP products, solutions and services, you can lower costs while reducing the impact of print on the environment.
Reduce Energy Consumption
Proactively maintain your optimised print environment!   New ENERGY STAR® qualified HP printers deliver efficiency gains over non-qualified standard models. In addition, features such as HP Web Jetadmin make it easy to push energy-saving settings across the fleet, while HP Instant-on Technology, found in many HP LaserJet printers, provides up to 50% energy savings over traditional fusing while delivering a first-page-out up to 50% faster than competitive products1.

» Find the right HP multifunction printer (MFP) that meets your business needs
Reduce Paper Consumption
Use HP technology to save resources and the environment   By using free solutions like HP Web Jetadmin and HP Universal Print Driver, businesses can set two-sided printing defaults across an entire network of duplex-enabled devices, immediately reducing paper consumption, costs and impact of printing. HP Smart Web Printing2 is another simple tool that helps you print only the web content you need, saving you paper, toner and money.
Reuse and Recycle
Use HP technology to save resources and the environment   The HP Planet Partners program, available in more than 50 countries and territories, offers recycling and convenient return options for used equipment and HP LaserJet and inkjet print cartridges at no costs3.
Digitise Paper-based Workflows
Use HP technology to save resources and the environment   By using HP Output Server, customers can improve their workflow and reduce the need for printed pages by anywhere from 18 to 70%4, amounting to paper and material savings measured in millions of pages – all the while ensuring the reliable, time-critical delivery of documents.

Pull Printing and Authentication solutions from HP also help to reduce waste from unclaimed print jobs.
Manage Your Print Environment Professionally
Use HP technology to save resources and the environment   Consider HP Managed Print Services (MPS) to help your business reduce cost and paper usage. These services enable you to assess your current infrastructure and create solutions tailored to your company’s specific requirements. Pre- and post- analysis of some HP MPS customers’ imaging and printing operations reveals energy savings of between 30% - 80%, and reductions in paper consumption in the millions of pages.
Calculate Your Carbon Footprint
Use HP technology to save resources and the environment   Use the free HP Carbon Footprint Calculator for printing to estimate your printer fleet’s requirements for resources like paper and power. Unveil potential savings – in real-world measures like dollars and kilowatt hours – for different future scenarios.

» Find out more about HP Eco Solutions program here

1 Confirmed by third-party testing from QualityLogic Inc.
2 For Windows only. Requires Internet Explorer 6.0 or Mozilla Firefox 2.0 – or higher.
3 Terms and conditions apply, the recycling service level may differ from country to country, See www.hp.com/recycle for more details on the recycling programs operating in your country or region
4 Alinean, Inc., “HP Output Management: The value of guaranteed output delivery”, April 2007 and internal customer case HP customer-provided data.
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