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Maintain control and get maximum efficiency across your enterprise
Manage Environment Gain control over your print and imaging environment to achieve goals for cost, increase productivity and environmental impact, while improving IT efficiency  
Printing and imaging infrastructure management can be time consuming and costly to your organisation with device breakdown, abuse and sub-optimal use of the available output resources. Your business goal is to ensure that you can have the optimised print environment with the use of industry-leading fleet and output management tools.

Proactively maintain an optimised printing and imaging infrastructure to help improve resource utilisation, reduce IT and help desk time, simplify maintenance, increase productivity, integrate new services and lower expenses using the second pillar of a successful Enterprise Print 2.0 plan.
Make your current environment work harder for you
Make your current environment work harder for you   Knowing how much your business spends on printing is essential to maximise the return on your investment and minimise the total cost of ownership. Select from a range of management options to suit your business objectives.

Print Job Accounting
Track usage of printing, copying, and digital sending by user, department, client and project within your business accurately to allow control and allocation or cross charging of printing.

» Read more about HP Job Accounting Solutions

Printer Fleet Management
Gain more visibility into how your printing and imaging devices are being used in your business. HP provides solutions that manage deployment, monitoring, problem resolution, security, automated reports on usage and load balancing.

» Visit Printer Fleet Management Solutions to find out more information

Device Management
Take the guesswork out of end-to-end output device management in your business. Remotely monitor, install, configure network connectivity, troubleshoot and report using our device management solutions.

» Read more how to improve your device management

Output Management
Seamlessly, securely and reliably deliver information from any source to any destination including print, fax, email, web or file.

» Read more about how HP Output Management Solution can reduce the costs of reliable information delivery

HP Access Control Printing Solutions track, manage and account for all print activity in the fleet, as well as e-mail, copy and fax activity at the HP device.

» Learn more about HP Access Control Printing Solutions
Go green for cost-saving opportunities TODAY
Use HP technology to save resources and the environment   Enterprises can look to go green in imaging and printing as a driver for real cost-saving opportunities.

i. Energy savings of up to 80% with HP Managed Print Services (MPS)

HP Managed Print Services (MPS), a comprehensive suite of imaging and printing services designed to help organisations meet important operational and sustainability goals. Through MPS, an enterprise can lower its costs, simplify its printing management, streamline recycling and disposal, cut its paper usage, and reduce its carbon footprint.

Pre- and post-analysis of some HP MPS customers' imaging and printing operations reveals energy savings between 30 percent and 80 percent and reductions in paper consumption in the millions of pages.

HP MPS customers who have achieved tangible cost savings include:
3M has reduced energy consumption by an estimated 79.9 percent, saving more than $1.2 million in energy costs.
Viacom estimates it will reduce the number of pages printed by 12.5 percent, projecting savings of more than 10 million sheets of paper.

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» Learn how HP Managed Print Services can help to meet your organisation's environmental sustainability goals

ii. Reduce energy costs with HP innovations

"Organisations can potentially reduce annual paper costs by at least 30% by selecting duplex printing as the default setting across the output fleet."

Source : Gartner, "Cost-Cutting Initiatives for Office Printing", Sharon McNee, Ken Weilerstein, 22 Feb 2008.

» Take simple steps now to reduce energy, paper and operating costs with HP's innovative technologies

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