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Reduce the total costs of enterprise printing by standardising and optimising the printing and imaging network that is essential to your organisation to enable you to go Print 2.0.
Optimise Infrastructure Balance the total cost of enterprise printing and increase productivity by optimising your printing and imaging infrastructure.  
Optimise Infrastructure is the first pillar of the Print 2.0 plan. It is about helping your business gain the most optimal balance between costs and user productivity – in essence, ensuring that you have the right mix of devices to match your organisation's printing and imaging volume and functional needs.

HP will leverage existing devices to deliver the right network for your evolving business requirements and build a secure network operation, ensuring that your organisation can realise sustainable savings, and more.
End-to-end strategies to reduce print and copy costs
End-to-end strategies to reduce print and copy costs   With a cost-effective infrastructure in place, businesses will benefit from operational efficiency. HP works closely with organisations to build a robust strategy by continuously assessing your business needs for planning a progressive and optimised printing and imaging infrastructure.

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Standardise and optimise your entire printing network to reduce costs and free up your IT staff to focus on critical business issues.

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Get more done with existing printer devices!
Do more with your existing printing and imaging network   With the right technology, boosting productivity in existing infrastructure can be easy. New innovations mean there are many more ways in which add-on printing and imaging solutions can expand and extend the utility of your output devices. For example, printing and maintenance costs can be cut when HP LaserJet devices are used to support legacy applications and printing in any language using a single driver, as opposed to using dedicated printers.

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Developing a secure print and copy environment
The Route to a Green Enterprise   Protect the integrity of your entire printing and imaging infrastructure. HP has developed solutions that use security standards and recommended protocols to help safeguard your business ensuring your business readily complies with the necessary safeguards for secure document printing, audit and compliance requirements of your organisation.

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HP Pull Printing Solutions, with HP Access Control Secure Pull Printing Solution as an integral component, protect sensitive data by requiring authentication at the printer, and gives users the ability to print where and when they want.

» Learn more about HP Pull Printing Solutions

HP Access Control Printing Solutions can help mitigate security and compliance risks, and reduce paper waste.

» Learn more about HP Access Control Printing Solutions
Optimise to reduce environmental cost and impact
Optimise to reduce environmental cost and impact   An optimised printing and imaging infrastructure can help reduce costs of energy, waste and disposal. Some opportunities include:

Right-size imaging and printing networks to improve asset utilisation and reduce costs.
Standardise on energy-efficient, multifunction devices to reduce energy use and costs
Enable duplex printing to reduce waste

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