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Create wireless connections with HP's Bluetooth adapter

Discover an easy solution for your wireless communication needs.


Use the HP bt500 Bluetooth USB 2.0 wireless adapter to print straight from your PDA, PC, and camera phone — or easily create connections between multiple Bluetooth-enabled devices.

Bluetooth compatible vs. Bluetooth-enabled

The Bluetooth logo will appear on devices that are Bluetooth compatible
The Bluetooth logo will appear on devices that are Bluetooth compatible.
Before explaining how the HP Bluetooth adapter works, it is important to know the difference between the terms Bluetooth compatible and Bluetooth-enabled.
  • Compatible: If a device is able to support Bluetooth wireless technology, including an adapter, then it is considered Bluetooth compatible.

  • Enabled: When the device is ready to use Bluetooth (either as a result of built-in Bluetooth or after an adapter is attached), it is Bluetooth-enabled.

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Discover how a Bluetooth adapter works

Discover how a Bluetooth adapter works
Bluetooth is a wireless networking technology that uses a low-frequency signal to establish connections between devices within a short range (about thirty feet).

The HP bt500 Bluetooth USB 2.0 wireless adapter helps devices that have Bluetooth capabilities, but are not yet Bluetooth-enabled to send and receive wireless signals. Once the signal is found and the connection is established, you can easily transmit data, including photos, documents, and music, between the devices.

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Benefits of the HP Bluetooth wireless adapter

The HP Bluetooth adapter allows you to connect up to seven different devices to a single PC
The HP Bluetooth adapter allows you to connect up to seven different devices to a single PC!
The small, easy-to-use HP bt500 Bluetooth wireless adapter offers numerous conveniences. For example, you can:

  • Instantly connect without a network
    Bluetooth offers a fast, inexpensive alternative to traditional wireless networking that often requires a complicated setup. When you use Bluetooth to connect devices you’re creating a wireless network of your own, with no need for one to already be established.

  • Streamline your workspace
    Connect devices such as wireless keyboards and mice to your PC to create a cordless, clutter-free desktop.

  • Connect multiple devices
    With the HP Bluetooth adapter you can connect (or "pair") up to seven different devices to your PC — even if they’re not the same brand.

  • Enjoy mobile freedom
    Often travel for work? Use the HP Bluetooth adapter to easily print on the go and experience wireless convenience without having to carry around extra gadgets.

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Attach your Bluetooth adapter

Attach your Bluetooth adapter
To attach the adapter, simply locate a free USB port (on some printer models it may also be called a camera or PictBridge port), remove the adapter’s cap, and insert into the port — it's that easy!

Keep reading for information on using the adapter to help a variety of devices wirelessly connect to one another.

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Use the adapter with your PC

HP Bluetooth enabled printer
Print wirelessly from your PC
Wireless printing has never been so easy! Whether you’re printing a report from your home office desktop, or travelling for work, attaching the HP Bluetooth adapter to your PC allows you to access any Bluetooth-enabled printer, like the HP Officejet J6480 All-in-One printer, quickly and without the hassle of wires or setting up a wireless network.
HP bluetooth stereo headphone
Enjoy mobility at home
Listen to music during a workout in your home gym or while you clean the house by using wireless Bluetooth-enabled headphones, such as HP Bluetooth Stereo headphones. With an HP Bluetooth adapter, the headphones can access a number of media players on your PC, including iTunes and Windows Media Player.
HP Bluetooth multimedia mouse
Create a wireless desktop
Eliminate cords and cables and decrease desktop clutter with the HP MoGo X54 Bluetooth Multimedia Mouse. With the switch of a button, the HP MoGo becomes a remote control, allowing wireless playing, pausing, track selection, and volume adjustment on a variety of media devices.
HP bluetooth enabled PDA
Combine devices
Keep things organized by synchronizing a Bluetooth-enabled PDA, such as the HP iPAQ hx2495b Pocket PC, or cell phone with your PC. Transfer calendars, notes, and photos to ensure your important information is available any time or place you need it.

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Print from portable devices or your PC with Bluetooth

Print wirelessly from PDA Print wirelessly from camera phone
Print wirelessly from portable devices in three easy steps:
  1. Attach the HP bt500 Bluetooth adapter to a compatible printer, such as the HP Officejet J6480 All-in-One printer. Now the printer is accessible from a Bluetooth-enabled PDA, camera, camera phone, or laptop.

  2. Once you select what you'd like to print from your "sending device", select the name of the "receiving device" (for example, the HP Officejet J6480 All-in-One printer).

  3. Enter the Passkey*if prompted, and select Print. (These are general instructions. For more detailed information on pairing specific devices, please refer to the manual for that particular device.)

*The Passkey, or PIN, is a simple code used to verify connections between devices. Some devices have a fixed passkey that you can find in the user manual. Other devices allow you to choose your own — just make sure you enter the same code for both devices.

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Use Bluetooth to print on the go

Use Bluetooth to print on the go
Looking for total wireless freedom in a convenient package? Try the HP Officejet H470wbt mobile printer and enjoy wireless printing from a laptop, PDA, or other Bluetooth-enabled device. This printer’s compact design and included Bluetooth adapter lets you take it anywhere — you could even print from the back of your car!

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Get your own HP Bluetooth wireless adapter

HP Bluetooth wireless adapter
Purchase an HP bt500 Bluetooth USB 2.0 wireless adapter to use with your HP printer, All-in-One, PC, or a wide range of portable electronic devices.

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  • PCs: The HP bt500 Bluetooth wireless adapter is compatible with Windows XP and Windows Vista PCs.

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